Pole Tents


This style of tent has been engineered for international building code and wind pressure to meet the ever changing needs of the rental industry. Sizes that have been engineered are 30’, 40’, 60’, and 80’ widths. Tent integrity is a direct function of installation quality.

*Priced as packages including top, schedule 40 center poles and side poles, ratchets, and staking sets.

Standard Sizes
30’x30′ 60’x60′
30’x50′ 60’x80′
15′ Mid Sections 60’x100′
20′ Mid Sections 20′ Mid Sections
40’x40′ 80’x80′
40’x60′ 80’x100′
40’x80′ 80’x120′
40’x100′ 20′ Mid Sections
20″ Mid Sections  


The Pro Series™ Tents are made of 16 to 18 oz. blackout white vinyl that is flame retardant and mildew resistant. Colors are also available. Each design is field tested for ease of set up, durability, esthetics, and overall customer satisfaction. Our tents are constructed of only high quality materials using the latest technology. This included a computer monitored radio frequency welder for accurate welds every time. Heat sealable 2” webbing and welded heavy duty steel rings are used for all stress points. Our blackout material has a polished high gloss surface that helps to reduce the amount of dirt that sticks to it. This results in a long lasting, good looking, easy to use, money making tent at an exceptional value.

Standard Sizes
10’X10′ 30’X30′ 40’X40′
20’X20′ 30’X40′ 40’X60′
20’X30′ 30’X50′ 40’X80′
20’X40′ 10′, 15′, 20′ & Mid Sections 40’x100′
10′ & 20′ Mid Sections 20′ Mid Sections
60’x60′ 80’x80′
60’x80′ 80’x100′
60’x100′ 80’x120′
20′ Mid Sections 20′ Mid Sections


The High Pro Series™ Tents have a higher center pole which creates a more graceful line to the tent. The look this tent creates will make any occasion stand out above the rest. The 30’ wide tents have an 11’ pitch and the 40’ wide tents have a 14’ pitch. We also make a 20’ x 30’ and a 20’ x 40’ tent with a single center pole which also has an 11’ pitch. This allows for much more usable space under the tent and the same graceful line.

Standard Sizes
20’x30′ 30’x30′ 40’x40′
20’x40′ 30’x50′ 40’x60′
  30’x60′ 40’x80′
  30’x70′ 40’x100′
  15′ & 20′ Mid Sections 20′ Mid Sections


ClearView High Pro Series Tents

The Clearview High Pro Series Tent is the ultimate event solution to enjoy stunning sky views. Made from a transparent material, this tent offers a breathtaking backdrop for any occasion. Designed to impress, it is particularly ideal for spring and fall weather. Quick and hassle free installation means less time and manpower required. Elevate your event to new heights with this show-stopping tent that guarantees to be the standout feature. This tent can be paired with other compatible sections.

Standard Sizes
20′ Mid Sections


Round End High Pro

The Round End High Pro Series Tent is a spin on the traditional High Pro Series Tent with all-new round ends. Great for special occasions, the Round End High Pro is a step up from basic square-end tents. Customize this tent by pairing round ends with our clear mid for a unique new look. This stunning tent will leave a lasting impression to make any occasion truly unforgettable. Available for 40’ Wide tents.


The Pro Series 60′ wide Twin Pole tent is a great addition to our line of tents. This tent has two sets of shorter center poles, with a 16′ pitch, running down the middle of the tent. This configuration allows for an easier installation. Two center poles also create and aisle underneath the tent that works well for formal occasions, such as a wedding. The top is made of 18oz. blackout white high gloss vinyl that is mildew resistant and flame retardant. Add a liner to this tent and it can be used for any elegant occasion.