Tent Accessories

Tent Sidewalls

Cathedral Window Sidewalls

Cathedral Window Sidewalls will add a touch of elegance to any occasion. Sidewalls are made of 13oz. vinyl with grids in the windows. White plastic snaps are used at top with reinforced corners to make a long lasting easy to use sidewall. Custom sizes available.

Stock sizes 7’ or 8’ heights and lengths of 20’, 30’, or 40’. Sidewalls also available in Keder and to fit Bayview Sailcloth tent.

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Custom Sidewalls

Custom Sidewalls


Solid White Sidewalls

Solid White Sidewalls are made of 13oz. vinyl with 2’ snap together overlap system and reinforced corners and steel snaps at top.

Stock sizes are 7’ or 8’ heights in lengths of 20’, 30’, or 40’. Sidewalls also available in Clear, Mesh, and Keder.

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Solid Sidewalls 

Tent Doors


Glass doors create a better function for climate control of events. Our glass tent doors have an aluminum frame with a steel powder coated door. The door is 6’ wide and comes in 2 pieces for easy transportation. Wood crating available for shipping. Call for more information.

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Glass Doors



Zippered tent doors create an easy access opening for any event. They are inexpensive and can be created in any size solid sidewall. Heavy duty ¾” – 10mm zippers create an 3’ x 6’- 8” opening. Call for more information.

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Emergency tent doors are an easy to see escape exit. Made of Velcro bordered in red with clear door.

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Emergency Door Sidewall

Tent Center Poles

Aluminum Center Poles

Aluminum center poles have a plastic cap and base. Most sizes are available in 1 or 2 pieces. Custom sizes available upon request.

Standard Sizes
2″ schedule 40
12′ and 14′
3″ schedule 40
16′, 17′, 18′, 19′, 21′, and 22′
5″ schedule 40 – 2 Piece
28′ and 29′
6″ schedule 40 – 2 Piece
28′ and 29′


Engineered Wood Center Poles

5.5” finished diameter with Octagonal profile made of Southern Yellow Pine. Natural – ready to stain.

Standard Sizes
Sizes available – 19’, 21’, 22’, 24’, and 25’.

Tent Side Poles

Aluminum Side Poles

Aluminum side poles have a plastic cap and base, and are all anodized with a steel pin.

Standard Sizes
  • 2″ Sc. 40 Anodized Aluminum
    • 7′ Length
    • 8′ Length
    • 9′ Length
    • 10′ Length
  • 2″ O.D. Anodized Aluminum
    • 7′ Length
    • 8′ Length
    • 9′ Length
    • 10′ Length

Wooden Side Poles

Wooden side poles are 1½” x 2½” yellow pine with a steel pin.

Standard Sizes

7′ Length
8′ Length

Octagonal Wood Side Poles

2.5” x 2.5” Southern Yellow Pine. Natural- ready to stain

Standard Sizes
8′ Length

Ratchet Straps

Standard ratchet straps are made of white nylon webbing with a 6” loop at one end. A twisted snap hook is attached at the other end of the ratchet assembly. The 1” ratchet assembly has a 3000lb breaking strength and the 2” assembly had a 10,000lb breaking strength. They are ideal for a time saving and secure way of anchoring your tents. Custom sizes and configurations are also available.

Standard Sizes
  • 1-inch 3,000 lb. ratchet strap
  • 2-inch 10,000 lb. ratchet strap
  • 2-inch yoked ratchet strap

Tables, Chairs & Lighting

Banquet and Event Folding Tables

tables 02tables 01

These tables are a lightweight high density white polyethylene. Which means they are stronger and more durable than wood. They come with a steel frame that is weather resistant in dark gray. The legs fold within the top and lock for compact storage. Sizes available are 60” round and 30” x 72”

Cool Ventilated Comfort Back Folding Chair

chair 01

This chair has a deep radius back for added comfort and the seat and back are made of polypropylene for durability and easy maintenance. They come in white with a powder-coat frame finish for resistance to scratching and wear.

12 Light Chandelier

12 large chandelier

12 Light chandelier. Foldable in white. Size 40” x 40” x 22”H. Lightweight and easy to install.

Lighting Arm

lights 02

Steel Lighting Clamps

lights 03

Additional Accessories

Tent Bags

acc bag

Our tent bags are constructed of 16oz. white vinyl. The bottom is round and there are grommets at the top with a tie. Custom sizes are available.

Standard Sizes:

X-Small for section tents 10′ wide

2′ x 2.5′

Small for section tents 30′ wide

3′ x 3.5′

Medium for section tents 30′ wide

3.5′ x 4′

Large for section tents 40′ wide

4′ x 4.5′

X-Large for section tents 60′ wide

4′ x 5

Rain Gutters

acc rain gutter

We offer a bow-tie gutter for a high peak frame tent which tapers in the middle and will drain in both directions and a standard gutter is tapered on one end so it will drain in one direction.

Tent Cleaner

acc cleaner 2017

The cleaner will remove mildew stains and penetrate dirt film. It can be used with a pressure washer while the tent is erected for manual cleaning when the tent is spread on the ground. The cleaner is available in 1 gallon jugs, 30 gallon drums, and 55 gallon drums.

Repair Kits

acc repair

The standard repair kit comes with a 4oz. can of adhesive along with a 2’ x 3’ piece of white vinyl. Standard colors are available. Also available is a Leister hot air sealer with roller

Vinyl Patch
Vinyl patch comes in a variety of colors and is used to repair small pinholes. It comes in a 4 oz. can that has a built in applicator brush.

Stylish Tent Pole Covers

Our customizable pole covers will mask the appearance of traditional metal side poles or center poles. Choose from woodgrain, white or black covers. Custom colors or designs are available upon request. Installation is a breeze! Simply slide over your old metal poles for an instant upgrade. We can make them to whatever size you need.


Keep your installation looking neat and clean with barrel or cement block covers. They are made of 16oz. white vinyl and will hide unsightly barrels. Standard 55 gallon drum size and custom block covers made to whatever size you need. Contact us for more information.

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Barrel Covers