the problems of the day
were forgotten.

In the year 1929, in a small town in Wisconsin, the economic problems of the day weighed heavily. But one night, there was a party. A big one. Ed Charnecke, the founder of Charnecke Tents, led the revelry as a pair of newlyweds celebrated with friends and family.

Grandpa Eddie – ever resourceful – furnished a large canvas tent he’d purchased as a business opportunity. He provided the entertainment (he played his concertina in a local polka band- Rhythm Kings) and even supplied his own home-brewed moonshine.

A business was born.
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Couples would not only rent a tent for their big day, but would gladly enjoy the “package deal” of: renting the polka band, tables, chairs and dance floor. For those homesteads living in remote rural areas, Ed could furnish a generator for electricity and moonshine for sheer enjoyment!

Ed certainly capitalized on his ingenuity as a businessman; he understood the value of “add-on sales,” because he created that business model! This method enabled him to provide for his family thereby surviving the Great Depression.

In the late 1970’s, son, Ken Charnecke Sr., joined the rental business. Similar traits and talents combined with broader vision for the company’s future, Ken decided to make his own tents capable of servicing many events throughout the state on any given weekend or special occasion. All of this exposure was ambitious and popular…ultimately leading us to develop into the manufacturing company we are today.

We proudly continue our traditions instilled by generations before us. Our family-run business includes both children of Ken Sr.: Ken Charnecke Jr. and Jenny Cole. We commit ourselves to not only providing high-quality Charnecke Tents manufactured on-site with additional celebration rental equipment to our newest expansion of providing a means to wash tents. CCC Washers is our sister company; born from a long-standing tradition of inventiveness, hard work and family pride.