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As a wedding planner, I had the privilege of working with Charnecke Tents. My clients rented a tent, tent liner with colored lighting (which I highly recommend), chandeliers, tables, chairs, bar and dance floor. It was one of the largest outdoor wedding events that I have ever planned. The staff at Charnecke Tents were so extremely helpful and everything came together perfectly from start to finish! They provided quick estimates for all the rental equipment and quickly answered any questions that I needed throughout the months of planning. At the time of the event, the service staff was super knowledgeable and professional. I would highly recommend Charnecke Tents for your next event. You will not be disappointed!

Marsha VanArk, Lead Wedding Planner & Owner
Distinctly Yours Wedding & Events, LLC
Stevens Point, WI

We have purchased liner, frame tents, and pole tents from Charnecke Tents and have been very pleased with all the above. Most of their customer service and turn-around-time has been better than any other company we have dealt with.

Kendal Moore-Owner
Affordable Events
Siloam Springs, AR

To those of you interested in my opinion of Charnecke Tents.

I've been doing business with Charnecke Tents for over 15 years now and am amazed at their ingenuity, service and prices.

After all, we're in this back breaking business to make a good living aren't we?

I've found their products to be superior to other companies and priced so I can actually make money after a few rentals. I've made purchases from bigger manufacturers and it was taking more rentals before it was making any money on my purchases. No brainer to me where I should be investing my hard earned money. Designed by installers for installers is a great asset to this company. Installers that can see what and how things can be improved to be efficient and easier on my back is a bonus to me and my crew. I've been in my family business since I was 9 years old, I'm 53 now. I've been around the tent block a few times to say the least ... I've been treated not only as a customer but as a friend. You just don't get that from other companies. I too am a small business and service to me is a huge part of any business. Their service is second to none, I've seen with my own eyes their staff coming in on Sundays to help me out and have seen them go above and beyond for other customers of theirs.

I could go on about how I'm impressed with their work ethics but I'll save you the read.

In summary: I would recommend doing business with Charnecke Tents, you will be a life long customer and feel like part of their family. I know I am and do.

Thanks for reading,
Brian Rogers
Capital City Tent Rental
Madison, WI


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