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Tent Bags

Our tent bags are constructed of 16oz. white vinyl. The bottom is round and there are grommets at the top with a tie. Custom sizes are available.

Standard Sizes:

X-Small for section tents 10' wide

2' x 2.5'

Small for section tents 30' wide

3' x 3.5'

Medium for section tents 30' wide

3.5' x 4'

Large for section tents 40' wide

4' x 4.5'

X-Large for section tents 60' wide

4' x 5'

Tent Bag

Rain Gutters

We offer a bow-tie gutter for a high peak frame tent which tapers in the middle and will drain in both directions and a standard gutter is tapered on one end so it will drain in one direction.

Rain Gutter

Tent Cleaner

The cleaner will remove mildew stains and penetrate dirt film. It can be used with a pressure washer while the tent is erected for manual cleaning when the tent is spread on the ground. The cleaner is available in 1 gallon jugs, 30 gallon drums, and 55 gallon drums.

Tent Cleaner

Repair KitsRepair Kits

The standard repair kit comes with a 4oz. can of adhesive along with a 2 x 3 piece of white vinyl. Standard colors are available. Also available is a Leister hot air sealer with roller.


Vinyl Patch

Vinyl patch comes in a variety of colors and is used to repair small pinholes. It comes in a 4 oz. can that has a built in applicator brush.




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